Accepting & Benefitting from Change

Life can throw sudden unexpected, unwelcome and unasked for change at us. It can be the most stressful situation.

Generally we don’t like change, and we certainly feel discontent when change is forced upon us. 99% of the time, we cannot control unexpected change. Change is part of the cycle of life and leads to new opportunities and experiences.

Sometimes change can be a blessing in disguise. A job redundancy for example, your next job could give you a well deserved £10k pay rise. At a stressful time experiencing a redundancy process, your self worth may feel damaged and depleted but you need to remember there will be a nicer door to walk through with more opportunities to discover, waiting, just around the corner.

When you believe in yourself you can accept change. Change is inevitable and beyond your control most of the time. When you accept change you can move on and achieve what you need to do.

When one door closes with the acceptance of change, another door to new and better opportunities opens just for you, bringing many benefits into your life. This is how you benefit from accepting change.