Self-confidence & Self-belief

Workforce Wellbeing: Self-confidence and self-belief workshop

Tackling feelings of worthlessness, fear, depression and anxiety from damaging mental health.

In this 1.5 hr workshop participants will understand they must be kind to themselves. Learning how important it is to speak kindly to themselves with their internal dialogue.

Improving subconscious thought patterns of self-confidence and soothing the unconscious mind with feelings of self-love and self-compassion. 

This workshop can provide life changing opportunities to improve confidence, self-belief, sense of inner security, feelings of safety and improving mental health.

Including 45 mins hypnotherapy experience, enabling participants to release feelings of loneliness, lack of confidence and lack of self-belief held within the mind and improve their self-concept and improving their mental health.

Participants can experience a connection with themselves to help them believe in their abilities and achieve their goals with an improved, confident and motivated mindset. This experience can have long lasting positive benefits on mental health.