Rebecca said – WOW! These sessions are powerful! Personally, I am very open to trying new things and having used apps previously to help me sleep I went into this session with a completely open mind.

Throughout the session I could feel my body and mind relaxing, I wasn’t prepared for the impact of the session, I focused on something from my childhood that had a lot of emotion and negative energy attached to it. As we worked through clearing this away, I was overwhelmed with emotion, and even now as I type this that emotion is returning – I didn’t realise how much of an impact holding on to that emotion and negative energy was having on me and that session got rid of it. The anxiety, anger, and every other range of emotions that was associated with that part of my childhood are gone. It is really hard to express how much of a difference that has made to me.

After the session, it feels like you have come out of the nicest nap. Imagine getting a whole body and mind massage and then getting wrapped in the snuggest blanket – if I could bottle up that feeling and sell it I would be rich!

Casey puts you at ease and is a complete professional throughout the session, I trust her completely!”

Mick said “I think everyone should have a therapist. I have been struggling with depression and anxiety since the age of 10, and used to see a child guidance counsellor and different psychiatrists throughout my life. I am now 69 years old and felt there was no escape from depression, and it would continue forever with no resolution. I thought there was no help, I thought I was meant to suffer inside my mind. I was very sceptical about therapy, but after meeting Casey and having therapy, I was learning and understanding why my mind was working in this way.

I was surprised of how confident Casey was when she said she could help me to feel better. She was right. It wasn’t long before I started to feel better and over the months I have dramatically improved. I can deal with problems and anxiety issues easier now, I have released myself from mental torture cycles. Gradually I have improved myself, my mindset, my happiness and life seems easier and much more bearably now. I would recommend therapy with Casey to people with anxiety issues and depression, and anyone suffering with life issues. Each therapy session brings improvement and benefits to my mind and I feel better within myself. Everyone should have a therapist.”

Jane said “I would highly recommend Casey and her therapies. I was struggling with work-related stress, dealing with bullying attitudes from others and grief I hadn’t been able to deal with.

Casey helped me to deal with one thing at a time and with coping mechanisms to give myself back very valuable time. It’s not being selfish to give yourself time, in fact, it helps others as much as yourself because you don’t feel so overwhelmed.

After 6 sessions with Casey, I am feeling able to deal with what is thrown at me better and move on. I am nearly back to the real me. I hadn’t realized how much I needed this, thank you so much, Casey.”

Iain said “As someone who had not previously experienced this type of relaxation therapy I was open-minded but also a bit sceptical it would work for me. I was instantly relaxed and listening to Casey lead me on a journey took me to a place of peace. I will definitely sign up to use this benefit when it becomes available. Superstar!!”

Matt said “I would highly recommend the therapy sessions here. They leave you feeling so relaxed and are great for relieving stress, anxiety and trauma. The meditations are great, they are easy to follow and visualize as well. The breathing techniques you can incorporate into everyday life. Both group therapy and one-to-one sessions are available via zoom. I have tried both. The one-to-one sessions are tailored toward what you want to do. Whereas the Wednesday night sessions leave you feeling relaxed and you get a good night’s sleep afterward. Casey also sees clients in person at her home studio which offers even more benefits”

Tia said “I feel the therapist, and treatment was excellent. I would recommend hypnotherapy and Casey as a practitioner to anyone, for any problems presented. I did not believe I could be hypnotized and many friends were surprised I was susceptible so I was pleasantly surprised. I was further impressed by how relaxed I felt afterward and for a few days and I can see the value in this therapy, particularly for those who have multiple issues in their past or to empower them in the present.

Casey is an excellent therapist, clearly doing exactly what she should be as a career. She was courteous, empathetic, compassionate, and very reassuring. I will recommend to all.”

Maria said “This was my first session and to be fair I wasn’t sure of what to expect. However, I was really surprised at how effective and relaxed I was during and after the session. Prior to this, I was completely overwhelmed with stress and feeling exhausted. However, the experience completely calmed me and I was shocked by the positive impact this had made physically and mentally. On that basis, I will definitely be opting for further sessions, and would highly recommend the services Casey provides for the positive impact it has on general wellbeing. I had a great night’s sleep too.” 

Diana said “I wasn’t sure that I was very good at the visualization of light and as I was going through the session I didn’t think the hypnosis bit would work for me but when Casey said and now open your eyes I realized I’d probably been out for a good ten minutes or so.  The last bit I remember was thinking of was a flower in the meadow, so I think it must have worked.  I did feel quite relaxed afterward”

Karen said “I thought it was very calming. Your voice is calming and tickles my ears so that is an enormous positive. Afterwards I did feel much calmer and more relaxed and my eyes felt heavy so I was ready to sleep. I felt like I went on a journey. I liked the colours and you asked what colours I could see. I also liked you saying that’s right as it made me feel I was doing something correctly.

The following day – I had something to do that was crossing my values and was making me feel stressed, however as I was still far calmer, I was able to calmly address the issue that was causing me stress and this was all resolved amicably.”

Richard said “I have a hyperactive mind, always wondering when I try to relax/be present / zone out, etc.  Think it will take more practice to get max benefit.  That said… the session was excellent overall, you have a lovely soothing voice, and I felt really chilled at the end and I slept well.  So thanks!”