The Human Mind & How It Works

Workforce Wellbeing: The human mind and how it works. Learn how to achieve and maintain good mental health workshop.

Understand how the human mind works, and why it can sometimes work against us causing stress, depression, anxiety, and mental illness and causing damage to our mental health.

In this 4 hr workshop participants will learn how the human mind works as a network of 3 major computers. Addressing topics such as psychological prisons, the negative impact of others, and the voice of discontent, providing valuable life changing opportunities for participants to understand their own thought patterns and how their mind is functioning.

This workshop explains how to address mental health issues successfully, and how to achieve and maintain good mental health.

Participants can also learn and experience stress relief techniques such as breathing exercises and progressive muscle relaxation therapy.

The session includes 2 hrs of hypnotherapy experiences broken down into segments. This experience provides life changing opportunities to improve mental health and improve thought patterns. This experience can have long lasting positive benefits on mental health.
35 mins – Pure stress relief and relaxation, releasing negative energy and fill up with positivity.
20 mins – Boost focus and motivation
20 mins – Enhance feelings of self-confidence and self-worth
20 mins – Improve mental strength and resilience
20 mins – Learning to accept and benefit from change