Trauma – Blink and everything has changed

I surely would have lost at the game of life if I hadn’t discovered that hypnotherapy worked for me.

Trauma can affect anyone in a blink of an eye, and can often be due to someone else’s actions or decisions, I am sharing a summary of my experience and how important it is to get the right help to release trauma.

Did you know when you experience trauma your subconscious mind believes the threat to life remains until you tell it otherwise? That’s why you run on nervous energy and fear which damages your mental health!

I was 17 and one night I met up with a friend, we went for a drive to Epsom downs.

We were parked, chatting and suddenly heard a loud bang and a bright glow of orange appeared in the corner of my eye, I turned to see a car with a huge fire ball swirling around inside it. I then saw an arm moving inside the car trying to open the driver’s door.

The driver opened the door, got out and stood at the front of his car looking over the downs. This man was completely on fire!

I quickly started to look around the car I was in for anything to use to put the flames out. I had a plastic jacket on – useless, there was nothing I could use to help.

I got out the car, the man started to run towards with me shouting / screaming ‘I don’t want to die’.

I shouted back to him ‘Get on the floor, get down and roll on the ground, get onto the grass, roll on the grass now’. The man heard me, did as I said and kept rolling until the flames were out.

I had asked my friend to call 999. He dialled 999 and handed the phone to me. I took the phone and ran to the man. My friend did not, he stayed in the car.

Fire is traumatic enough, but when you’re running towards someone on the brink of death is really something else, I had a split-second thought of ‘he could be dead when I get to him’. I kept running to help him whilst arranging the emergency services.

The man was still alive but completely burned and in a state of shock. I decided if I kept him talking until the ambulance arrived then he’s not dying here on the tarmac in Epsom Downs. I managed to get enough personal information so the police knew who he was and could contact his family immediately.

This isn’t something you walk away from and forget about. Oh no! My subconscious mind had no previous programming of how to deal with trauma, death or fire! I remember getting home. I got in the shower to wash the burnt flesh stench out of my hair, but every time I closed my eyes I was straight back at the traumatic scene with the fire.

I went into self-destruct mode, I didn’t understand why I was suffering with complete brain haze, anxiety, fear, my memory wouldn’t function properly, I couldn’t absorb information, I nearly dropped out of college.

Psychiatrist at £300p/h didn’t help. It’s incredibly difficult to deal with trauma on a conscious level.

It is so important to address trauma and release it, release the fear that it’s bombarded your life and thoughts with.  Everyone is different and not everyone benefits from talking therapies and reliving the moment.

I was so fortunate, and I am so grateful to have met the hypnotherapist that help me to get my life back. The longer you are in self-destruct and functioning on fear the harder it is to feel better and reset. We worked with my subconscious mind, and it was the only treatment which made a difference. After a few sessions I felt safe again, confident to go back to college and have the mental capacity to start absorbing and retaining information again. I was studying business and finance and had no idea that the knowledge I started learning on my journey of recovery would bring me to where I am today.

One thing is for sure, I certainly would have lost at the game of life if I hadn’t discovered that hypnotherapy worked for me. Fear, depression and feeling that no one around me understood how I was feeling was just too tough.

This is why I do what I do! I work with the subconscious mind to help people release trauma and fear, so they live their life fully free from fear.

I love doing what I do. I love seeing and hearing about the relief my clients experience, and how they continue improving. It makes me smile and my heart sing.

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