Welcome to The Global Mind Healing Company

The Global Mind Healing Company has been founded to help people who are struggling with trauma and mental health or want to focus on self development to achieve the best version of themselves.  We are specialists in stress relief relaxation and mental wellness self-development programmes which provide fantastic benefits. 

We help to heal the mind so it can function in a healthy positive manner allowing people to achieve the best from themselves.

Our business ethics is to show we are passionate about helping people to release trauma, depression, stress and anxiety. Teaching how to break negative thought cycles and promote a new and lasting positive mindset which in turn provides a healthy and mentally well lifestyle.

Our services are dedicated to supporting people to make the right choices about how they deal with stress and negative impacts of life and in the workplace. Our specialist skills support people to thrive in their career and personal lives. We bring many benefits to business performance, culture and engagement by supporting workforce mental wellness.

My name is Casey Forster, the owner and founder of The Global Mind Healing Company. I am a highly-skilled professional hypnotherapist and psychotherapist with proven success and bespoke therapies.

Helping people to restore their lives with a combination of talking therapies and hypnotherapy from my practice in Crawley, West Sussex, England. Reaching clients further geographically with online sessions through various platforms suitable for the client.