Why Mind Healing

We have discovered that our minds need healing. If you broke or damaged a bone, ligament or tendon you seek medical attention and would get it healed.

Why would you not provide your mind with healing after experiencing a trauma or mental upset.

The human mind must be treated with care, kindness and compassion, there is a reason for this. The power of the human mind is not to be dismissed!

Casey Forster

Negativity vs Positivity & Hypnotherapy

Our fears, anxiety, stress, phobias etc. are all built from adolescence through to adulthood, from the environment we live in, beliefs we have been taught by others and from our own experience. Through hypnosis we can reconnect with positive experiences when we were confident, open minded and believed in our own abilities to be the best we possibly can be.

What Is Negativity?

Negativity is a force of energy which interrupts the mental and physical systems operating correctly.  Imagine negativity as a heavy dull cloud, bringing feelings of unwelcome emotions and thoughts. A negative mindset can affect your happiness, relationships and quality of life in a negative way.  We can be negatively impacted by other people, experiences, trauma and stress. We can unknowingly adopt and use negative emotions to function every day and it unfortunately becomes a norm.  95% of the human population currently suffer from negativity.  It effects everyone.

When a negative mindset is operating it can produce feelings and symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress and physical tension. These feelings can set into routine and behaviours.  It can often be difficult to understand what is actually happening.  Finding the right help can also be a challenge.  When negative mindset is not realized, worked on and improved this can lead to a person losing their self belief, self love and compassion, motivation, connections with others and can often feel that there is no help for them.  The latter of course is not true, they just need to find the right help.

What Is Positivity?

Positivity is a force of energy which allows the human mind to function correctly. Imagine positivity as a flowing white light energy which helps us to conquer life’s challenges successfully and with ease.  This flowing white light energy is warm, loving and compassionate and flows from you into the people you love, improving connections with people, animals and enhancing relationships. Positivity enhances your ability to process and retain information, it increases learning abilities and boosts motivation and focus.

When people are feeling positive and motivated they can achieve anything they put their mind to. They are full of feelings of self love, self compassion, confidence and self security.  These are all feelings each person can give to themselves and maintain with a positive mindset. 

When using a positive mindset life is easier, challenges are conquered with ease and when success hasn’t been achieved as planned then the positive person will be taking their new learnings and working out how to improve to be successful next time. Not feeling defeated but feeling improved!

What Is Stress?

Stress affects both the mind and body. Stress interferes with the ability to think clearly. It can lead to memory loss, tiredness, mental fatigue, loss of motivation and has many more side effects.

Prolonged stress is serious and can be very harmful. It can lead to many physical and mental illnesses. Ultimately the subconscious mind will take control and switch into survival mode. Survival mode induced by prolonged stress can lead to the subconscious mind choosing to shut down parts of the mind and other internal systems which it considers not vital to survival. This is the process of the subconscious mind, as it will strive to ensure the survival and safety of the physical body, this is its purpose. Stress is harmful when not managed.

Stress can also cause agoraphobia, this can lead to a person withdrawing from groups, relationships and society making themselves feel isolated in their own homes. Since the Covid 19 pandemic numbers of people suffering from symptoms of agoraphobia and anxiety have increased. By releasing the stress related to feelings of anxiety and symptoms of agoraphobia a person may improve their mental wellness and regain their life back. Psychotherapy combined with hypnotherapy provides mental relief and positive benefits for people suffering from symptoms of agoraphobia.

Why Release Stress & Negativity?

When the build up of negativity, stress and tension is released using relaxation, this allows both the mental and physical systems of the human body to recover. 

Many benefits can be experienced from reduced symptoms of pain in the muscular system to reduced symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress and mental tension. Reduced psychological feelings of worthlessness, reduced brain fog and confusion.

Stress relief and relaxation is beneficial for everyone.  It improves and promotes a positive mindset, improving ability to think clearly, releasing worries and finding solutions to problems successfully.  This allows people to approach life from a much stronger position every day.

Why create The Global Mind Healing Company? (A personal note)

Our purpose is to help other people to improved mental health. Everyone deserves to live through life feeling supported, everyone deserves to have access to the right toolkit which helps them to maintain good mental wellness.

We reach out to support people all over the world (using the English language). People who are suffering from trauma, depression, anxiety, stress and experiences which have presented mental challenges. Normal people paying their bills, battling through each day and taking all their stress and worries with them everywhere they go, and it’s effecting everything they do, ultimately making life harder.

All our bespoke therapies have provided proven success and proof of concept. The therapies are enjoyable, relaxing, creative and focus on releasing all stress, anxieties and symptoms of depression.

Many benefits can be experienced after each session, and each session develops your mental wellness further. Ultimately you end up mentally stronger, self-confident, self-compassionate, focused, determined and able to take on your life and deal with all challenges successfully.

The Global Mind Healing Company has been founded and created to provide and mental wellness packages and support to help people live a happier and fulfilled life. The life they deserve.

Hypnotherapy should be the first therapy to seek!

Hypnotherapists have different ways to how they want to provide their expertise and specialist skills. Some people only look for help when they have either hit rock bottom or are pretty close, others believe there is no help for them. If people have hit rock bottom and suffering from depression, anxiety, stress and tension then they are already in turmoil of self-neglect, and neglecting that they can have help and get better.

We are not waiting for people to be so depressed they cannot see through the darkness. We are reaching out with the brightest light and bespoke therapies to anyone that needs support, and wants their life back free from anxiety, sadness and depression, trauma and stress.

Please do not doubt yourself, you can free yourself from stress, anxiety and depression with the right tools.

A note to all my client’s to say thank you!

Thank you for believing in yourself, thank you for giving yourself the chance to feel the way you do now. I love seeing you promoting happiness and the things you want into your life. When I see you looking, sounding and feeling better from session to session it makes me smile and fills me with happiness, so once again thank you. You are all doing a fantastic job with your progress. I am so proud of you! You know my words are true! xxx 💕🥰
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