Clear out negative emotions from your emotional storage room

Our unconscious minds store every single emotion related to every single experience in our lives.

Your emotional storage room can become full and cluttered with all types of emotions. When you hold onto negative emotions relating to traumatic experiences, upset, discontent and the negative impact of other people can certainly make life more difficult.

Our unconscious minds work as a library of emotions, it can present emotions to you at any time, it presents to you what is stored. This can sometimes be unhelpful and can be expressed in displays of unconscious behaviours.

This bespoke therapy allows you to clear out all negative emotions relating to negative experiences which do not serve you a positive purpose.

Your emotional storage room is then filled with positive emotions, memories, feeling of happiness, joy, love and success. This provides your unconscious mind with positive emotions to refer to, these are presented to you on demand, improving your unconscious behaviors and assisting you in approaching life from a much stronger position.