Negativity – It works against you!

Negativity affects the functioning of the subconscious mind.  If you are a negative person and think in a negative way, then your decisions and actions will be negative in nature. You may not even realise that every decision you make has been swiftly impacted with negative thought patterns.

If you are negative, when you ask your subconscious mind for a solution it will supply a negative action.

Dwelling on negative thoughts cultivate a negative mind.  It strangely seems to be easier to focus on more and more negative things once in this cycle of thought, and it seems to be increasingly more difficult to be able to think positively, almost impossible.  Dwelling on negative thoughts turns a person into a negative human.

A negative person doesn’t even realise they are negative and generally do not appreciate the positivity of other individuals.  Negative people want others to agree with their negative comments, negative mindset and feel negative like them.

A negative person is likely to argue and say they are not negative.

Negative people can leave others feeling low, sucked of energy and in mental despair.

So…. if you tend to think on the negative side, what does that mean?

If you tend to think on the negative side, then you are likely to not have been as happy in your life as you should have been.  You are restricting and limiting yourself from living the life you could have with a positive mindset.

If you tend to think on the negative side, then you are not getting the best from yourself or others around you.   You are making life harder than it needs to be and creating difficulties in the things you want to achieve.

Negativity literally destroys the soul, relationships, good intentions and anything else that is good.  It is the whirlwind to self-destruction.

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